When it comes to pyrite testing, we give it more than a glance

Pyrite has destroyed tens of thousands of Irish houses and apartments, and it’s scary to think yours could be one of them. If you’ve noticed hairline cracks, web-like cracking, door or window misalignment, or cracks and sloping in your floor tiles, pyrite may be slowly shattering your home.

When you suspect pyrite in your home’s structure, you want solid answers and experienced specialists. Visual inspections can help, but they don’t provide lab testing and scientific data. When your home’s safety is at risk, there’s no room for error.

Our testing includes checking for pyrite, mica, pyrrhotite and deleterious materials, compressive strength, cement content, and chemical analysis.

We’re not sponsored by block manufacturers and neither are our testing partners, so you can feel confident that our results are independent and our advice is untainted.

Targeted services, trusted results

We offer tailored pyrite testing services depending on your needs and your housing situation.
Whether you’re buying a property, planning a new build/renovation, or living in a home that is possibly pyrite-affected, you can get the information you need about your building materials and your options.

If your walls are cracking or your floor is heaving, you’re understandably worried about the presence of pyrite in your home.
Our expert team will inspect your property and take lab samples if needed. Analysis and results from a leading materials lab will confirm the presence of pyrite.
HOUSE SALES / Purchases
Before you sell your property (to ensure full market value), or if purchasing a property, ensure it’s pyrite-free with our pyrite testing services.
Our team will extract internal, external and substructure samples, have them sent to the independent laboratory for petrographic analysis and the scientific data forwarded to the pyrite/mica registered engineer for their interpretation. So you can be sure your future home is solid and safe and holds its full market value for years to come.
Ensure your newly-built home is constructed with sound materials by testing for pyrite in your concrete blocks.
Pyritic building materials are still being used in Ireland, but you can avoid this construction catastrophe with reliable materials testing with our independent labs.

Timeline of a Pyrite Crack

These images are of a housing development built between 2000 and 2008. There has been rapid deterioration in the last few years due to the use of defective concrete materials during construction. As per I.S.465, homeowners who purchase properties after January 2020 will not be entitled to government redress, proving the importance of testing the family home before acquiring.

Worried about cracks and bulging? Get a free online assessement

If you suspect your home is affected by pyritic building materials, submit a photo and our team of experts will assess it, free of charge.


Reliable pyrite testing from an independent company

At PyriteTest.ie, we offer you expertise and assurance. With over 30 years working in the building trade, we’re a trusted name in pyrite testing. We go beyond visual inspections with lab testing from PetroLab and for reliable, expert results.

We’re an independent company, unaffiliated with any block manufacturers, so you know the results we provide are trustworthy and totally independent.

Testing for pyrite is a nerve wracking process, but we offer lab results and advice you can trust. You’ll get clarity and straight answers so you can make the right decision about your home, house purchase, or new build.

Take the next step to getting straight pyrite answers and peace of mind.