Expert, ethical pyrite testing

When it comes to pyrite testing, we think you deserve the best

That’s why we work with highly-qualified, independent laboratories for petrographic analysis, chemical analysis, and compressive strength testing.

Whether you’re buying or building a home in Ireland, or living in a pyrite-affected property, you deserve honest results from a reputable source.

We don’t accept sponsorship from block manufacturers so we can provide independent and trustworthy results to Irish homeowners, and we demand the same level of transparency from the labs we work with.
When you’re buying or building a home, you’re planning a future of happiness and security. Let’s make sure your home is solid enough to support that future.

Reputable materials testing labs, reliable results

We work with two of the finest materials testing labs in the UK — PetroLab and Constructing Testing Solutions.

While other testing companies and the labs they use may have dubious relations with block manufacturers, we work hard to provide you with transparent, independent test results.


PetroLab conducts pyrite testing by visual inspection, thin section examination, and by using a scanning electron microscope. All inspections are conducted to meet industry and government standards.

You can read more about their pyrite testing procedures here.

Trustworthy results allow you to make an informed choice

When you receive your lab report from one of our materials testing partners, you can trust the results because they’re untainted by block manufacturer sponsorship and they are conducted by independent, off-island testing companies.

Trustworthy results let you continue building or buying your house, or reconsider your options. You’ll know you’re making the right decision for your family and your future based on lab-tested information from an ethical source.

Here’s how we provide your lab results:


In a discovery call, we’ll talk about the materials you need tested and your timeline for results.


Next, we’ll arrive onsite and take samples from your house or construction site.


Your building materials samples will be tested and reviewed by one of our partner labs, with a full report available in 8-14 weeks.

Book a home or building materials test with results you can trust.